Discover The Convenience Of Ovopok Pasteurized Liquid Egg - A Must-Have For Pros

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Ovopak Pasteurized Liquid Egg is your go-to solution across the food industry, catering to distributors, restaurants, and the HORECA sector. Sourced from premium fresh eggs, it’s treated with a meticulous pasteurization and lab analysis process that guarantees top-notch food safety while retaining the nutritional benefits and authentic taste of fresh eggs.

Choose from an array of user-friendly formats: the eco-friendly 1L Tetra Pak briks and 10L Bag in Box, both aseptic and recyclable, ensuring kitchen efficiency. For those with larger needs, we provide 1000-liter containers and tanker truck deliveries, ideal for food manufacturing settings.

With its unparalleled versatility, ease of use, and storage convenience, Ovopak Pasteurized Liquid Egg stands out as an essential ingredient for culinary professionals everywhere.


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