Ready-to-Serve Peeled Boiled Eggs in Brine

Huevo cocido Ovopak
Huevo cocido Ovopak en plato
Huevo cocido Ovopak en platos de alta cocina

Say goodbye to the hassle of boiling and peeling eggs with our ready-to-serve peeled boiled eggs, a godsend for the busy food industry professionals, distributors, and the HORECA sector. Designed to streamline kitchen operations, this product is a time-saver for any scale of kitchen activity.

Packed in a bucket, you’ll find 70 perfectly boiled and peeled eggs, preserved in a brine that locks in their freshness and taste. Whether it’s for whipping up quick salads, appetizers, or even hearty mains, these eggs are a versatile and tasty addition to any menu or food production line.


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