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Step into a world where Spanish omelettes aren’t just food; they’re a canvas for creativity, thanks to our wholesale range tailored for supermarkets, distributors, restaurants, the HORECA sector, and food production companies. Dive into the spanish delight of a potato omelette, with or without onions, get trendy with our bite-sized Tortiburger, or keep it traditional with a French omelette and a mix of scrambles.

Customization is our game: Picture your ideal omelette, then let us bring it to life with your chosen ingredients – be it spinach, mushrooms, or anything else your heart (or menu) desires, including your preferred salt level. Choose Ovoplus for a health-conscious option with less cholesterol and calories, or go for a private label that aligns with your brand and meets your nutritional standards.

Whether chilled or frozen, our omelettes are ready to rise to the occasion in sizes ranging from 120g to 800g, perfect for anything from a quick bite to grand family dinners or even large-scale catering.


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Huevos Frescos Campo Grande Blanco y morenos



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