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Ovoplus: The Healthier Egg Revolution

Huevo líquido bajo en calorías Ovoplus 1L
Huevo líquido pasteurizado Ovoplus 10L
Huevo líquido pasteurizado Ovoplus 1L back

Ovoplus is changing the game for egg lovers everywhere with its low-calorie liquid egg. Boasting a whopping 70% reduction in cholesterol and a 45% cut in calories, it’s the go-to choice for the health-conscious. Sourced from the freshest of eggs and processed naturally, Ovoplus ensures you get all the egg’s nutritional benefits without the guilt.

Whether you’re a distributor, part of the HORECA sector, a restaurant, or a food manufacturing plant, we’ve got you covered with our range of packaging options: from convenient 1-liter Tetra Paks to 10-liter Bag in Boxes, all the way up to 1000-liter containers and tanker trucks.

Ovoplus is the ultimate solution for anyone wanting to enjoy eggs the healthier way, or for businesses aiming to offer lower-calorie, lower-cholesterol options without sacrificing flavor or texture.


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