Pasteurized Liquid Egg Yolk Ovopak - Superior Quality for Food Professionals

Yema de huevo líquida pasteurizada Ovopak 1L front
Yema de huevo líquida pasteuriada Ovopal 10L
Yema de huevo líquida pasteurizada Ovopak 1L back

For those at the heart of the culinary and food service industries, Ovopak’s Liquid Egg Yolk is the gold standard. Sourced from the finest fresh eggs, our yolk not only promises unmatched safety with its pasteurization process but also keeps its rich flavor and nutritional goodness intact.

Packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, from handy 1L Tetra Paks to 10L Bag in Boxes, all designed for practicality and eco-friendliness. And for the heavy hitters, we’ve got large 1000L containers and tanker trucks ready to supply any volume you need.

Tailoring to the unique demands of our clients, we offer customizable salt levels in our bulk formats.

Whether you’re crafting delicate pastries or crafting high-end gourmet fare, Ovopak’s Pasteurized Liquid Egg Yolk is your secret ingredient, bringing depth in texture, taste, and a pop of color to your culinary creations.


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